Why Spent Coffee Grounds?

We love coffee… So do all other millions people in the world that makes we believe that coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity – but it’s not… Okay, we don’t really care about the statistics but the fact is coffee consumption has been continuously increasing. The side impact of this fact is that coffee consumption generates spent coffee grounds and we have tones of coffee waste from our home and café consumption.

We received a lot of questions why we use spent coffee grounds in our ReBrew products. Apart from our intention and commitment to make people and planet brew-tiful, there are some essential reasons why we spent coffee grounds:

1. Unique “waste”

Don’t you realize that we brew coffee only for 30 seconds to have our espresso that leaves many nutrients components in the spent coffee grounds? Plus, the brewing process uses high temperature water that basically sterilizes coffee grounds. This coffee waste is basically clean as baristas usually put spent coffee grounds in a separate container next to the coffee machine – with little or no contamination from other waste. These conditions make spent coffee grounds unique.

Therefore, there have been many different studies from research institutes and universities about valorization of spent coffee grounds!

2. High Value Compunds

Based on many studies, spent coffee ground (SCG) is proven to contain large amounts of organic compounds (i.e. fatty acids, amino acids, polyphenols, minerals and polysaccharides). Spent coffee grounds are a good source of natural bioactive compounds (antioxidants) and it can be considered as a potential application in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Our own lab results showed that spent coffee grounds oil extract contains total phenols, ascorbic acid, and caffeine and anti microbial activity.

3. Skin and Beauty Application

There is one study that triggered us to use spent coffee grounds in all of our products. It is a study by a team of researchers of Lisbon University on using spent coffee grounds for skin friendly products. That study showed that cream with 10% spent coffee grounds oil extract improves the skin sebum and hydration – suggesting that skin barrier function improved significantly. This study also showed that there is no significant difference between spent coffee grounds oil extract and green coffee oil extract in increasing skin sebum and hydration. If we can give coffee a second chance, why would we use the virgin material for our products?

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