Who We Are

We  are excited to make your everyday skin care routine quicker, easier, and healthier!

Each and every product we create is multipurpose and carefully formulated with spent coffee grounds oil and other natural ingredients to make you and our planet brew-tiful.

Your skin and our planet will thank you

What We Do

Diverting spent coffee grounds from landfill by upcycling them into ReBrew self-care products and recycling exhausted spent coffee ground as compost 

Why Spent Coffee Grounds Oil?

  1. Fatty acids

  2. Caffeine

  3. Antioxidants

  4. Vitamin C

  5. Total Phenols

  6. Protein

  7. Mineral

  1. Increase skin hydration

  2. Maintain skin elasticity

  3. Combat skin premature aging

  4. Lightening skin

  5. Improve sunscreen performance

  6. Enhance skin barrier function

  7. Improve skin texture

Where does the name REBREW come from?

REBREW name is inspired by our basic activity, which is "Brewing again"spent coffee grounds (aka rebrew) to produce coffee oil for your self care products.

From the very beginning, we focused on creating customer value in a circular economy for a brew-tiful planet

Meet the Team

For we love coffee so much, we start REBREW (formerly KOHVEE STORY) from a humble beginning in our attic floor and use bootstrapping to grow. 

Probo Gozali


Beancounting & Fulfillment Specialist

Lianti Raharjo


Captain Caffeine

Tora Bangun


The Coffee Scientist

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